Walks and New Wings Over Whidbey Island

This year can best be summarized as a year of transition. Transition for me personally, professionally and for my family as a whole. Traditionally, my family has lived all over this country. This year marked the first time that we’ve had everyone back in the same state. Needless to say, as Thanksgiving rolled around, I was grateful to be able to avoid the chaos of airline travel and instead hop up to Whidbey Island to spend some quality time with everyone in one spot.

Having spent 10 years growing up on Whidbey, the island has always felt like home. And much of that attachment to home is derived from an even broader sense of belonging and passion for the Pacific Northwest as a whole.

I’ll always be grateful that my parents’ decision to move to Whidbey over Texas when I was 8 – putting quality of life ahead of a bigger career move for my Dad. Those 10 years of exploration and adventure that resulted from growing up on the island were critical to shaping me into the adventure and travel hound that I am today. From seeking out new hikes to exploring the San Juan Islands to biking the Methow to experiencing northwest gems, the PNW continues to be my outdoor playground of choice and I’m incredibly grateful that we all ended up here.

Here are a few snaps as we took to the trails and skies for a great #optoutside holiday weekend, back together once again.

Soaking in a crystal clear Mt. Baker on the perimeter loop trail at Deception Pass.
Preparing to take flight with the niece.
FullSizeRender (1)
A few dips and banks over Lopez Island as a Washington State Ferry pulls into dock.
FullSizeRender (3)
Rare calm skies and visibility for days over our mighty San Juans.
Fellow fliers on a final touch into Oak Harbor airport.
FullSizeRender (2)
Snow geese. Lots of them. Flying. All at once.
Stroll and reflection on the bluffs of Fort Ebey.

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