Summer Vibes Around San Juan Island

Give me an 80 degree summer day around the San Juan Islands and I’ll usually be the first in line to hop on the ferry out of Anacortes for a day of road biking. This summer continues to draw me away to this magical part of our state over and over again.

First and only biker in line. Something fun and unique about the fact that the ferry crew lets you on and off first.
A few minutes outside of Friday Harbor and it’s silent, smooth open roads for miles. Reason # gazillion I love this place.
Stop, pick a few berries, fuel up and onwards you go.
Local farms, local goods, local sourcing. Backcountry fields with swaying wheat and treetop leaves swooshing in the light breeze. These are all good things.
Lunchtime rush hour at Lime Kiln State Park as kayakers make their way along the shore with eyes scanning for the sight of a mighty Orca fin.
Madronas for miles. One of the best parts about the island that adds to the unique arid landscape right along the coast.
I can’t blame her. Seems like a nice plot to of land to take root.
Midweek silence as you nap away on the coastline with the distant splash of a paddle as kayakers drift past.
My favorite lighthouse in the state. Hands down.
A rare ferry ride back with a warm breeze will draw everyone to the rails…
…and leave you realizing that this is a trip you’ll want to take a hundred more times. See you again soon San Juan Island.

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