My Top 5 PNW Adventures of 2015

It’s always fun to use the first part of a new year to reflect back on all that has happened in the last 365 days. I selfishly like to keep this travel blog as a documented record of the fun outdoor adventures I take each year. Last year was no disappointment with an extended hiking season and an ample amount of warm weather that had just about every PNW outdoor enthusiast feeling torn about how best to take advantage of the unusual summer goodness.

From camping to beach adventures to challenging summits and exploring new lands, it was one for the books. Here’s a snapshot of some of my favorites along the way…

IMG_9631Adventures Around Mt. Rainier

IMG_0477Rediscovering Passion Through an Alberta Adventure

Unearthing the Magic of Willows Inn

Vesper_Peak_Trail_5Vesper Peak, Oh Vesper Peak

A Coastal Cruise Down to Manzanita

While 2015 will be a tough one to beat, 2016 is sure to deliver on even more outdoor fun and adventure. Cheers to getting outside and exploring.


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