A Saturday Run Up Rattlesnake Ledge

Hedge on logic, go chase adventure.

That was my mindset the other day as I set off eastbound on 90 in dire need of a city escape and a quick outdoor adventure. Dark clouds, wind and rain were ominous but I was dead set on tackling some trail running up Rattlesnake Ledge.



Luckily, the skies held off as I started out on the trail. In classic PNW fashion, the overcast illuminated the green moss and made the entire forest feel alive. One clear reminder why we tolerate spring rains.



Along the path up, I came across this fellow trail runner. He too was streaking up 3,500 feet of vertical. As we passed and exchanged hellos, sweat cascaded down his face and yet his eyes remained determined and he bore a smile that screamed appreciation for the day. My minor concerns and worries in life disappeared at that moment.


The summit was crowded as usual for a weekend hike on “The Ledge” but the views were as incredible as ever. Weekends on this hike are typically met with an earful of shutter snaps as hikers soak in the beauty of the lookout. I love it. It embraces what’s important about this part of the country. That anyone and everyone can have access to get outside for a great workout and experience such spectacular views.


Until next time Rattlesnake…

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