Why We Embrace Rain

There’s rain. And then there’s Seattle rain. I’ve finally learned to differentiate between variations of the wet stuff. It does rain here, no denying that. And when it rains, it sucks. Clothes get soaked, people forget how to drive, fashion goes from bad to really bad, the entire mood of the city takes a nosedive and local radio stations seem to revert into playlists chalk full of even more 90’s grunge.

But you know what? It’s also pretty amazing.

We may pay our dues but you learn to embrace it. Yesterday was an outright downpour and I saw six different people out running during a quick jaunt around town. I appreciate that. Whereas snow and cold used to be the bane of my existence in Chicago, PNW natives know to hold out through spring for summer months and the sunny goodness that make this place utterly breathtaking for a chunk of the year. So, go ahead rain, you get a few more weeks before we do a fair trade for lush evergreens, summer swimming holes, dry hiking trails and a grand mix of PNW rain-free adventures.





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