About the Photographer

Scott Meis

Hi there. I’m Scott. I grew up for about ten years on Whidbey Island before trekking off around the country. Long story short…

Oak Harbor -> Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN -> Newport, RI
Newport, RI -> Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL -> SEA.

I love the Northwest. There is something inexplicable about this part of the country. I’m obsessed with our mountains, rivers, forests, city, towns and fresh air. Ahhh, the air. Something about the air.

During the week I get to spend my time drumming up fun creative marketing campaigns while weekends are spent trekking across the PacNW seeking out fun adventures with my camera slung over my shoulder.

Thanks for stopping by. Spend some time poking around and say hello!

You can also find me at:
Twitter (@scottmeis)

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