Orcas Ferry Dock

Orcas Island Camping Adventures

Call it Seasonal Confusion. Call it June Gloom. Call it…the reality of living in the Pacific Northwest. While the weather pattern around our cherished PNW has been less than desirable this year, it’s put a premium on taking advantage of precious sunny days and weekend adventures.

On a recent early June weekend, the stars aligned with the San Juan Islands begging for a couple days of camping, kayaking and island exploration…

Sunny skies and smooth sailing with the gentle and familiar rumble of a WA State ferry.
Soft ferry wake forms on our way off to island goodness.
Locally harvested oysters paired with fresh lemons and curated wine pairing selections at the general store near Camp Moran.
Taking a moment to meet the real locals.

“30 years been doing this. Meet folks from just about everywhere, ya know. Times are changing but this place is still pretty special. You’ll see seals, bald eagles, little coves…get a little current in these parts but that island there…that’s a real nice paddle. You kids enjoy yourselves, it’s a fine day for the sea.” – “Popeye” – owner/aka kayaking master, Lieber Haven Marina Resort

A picturesque day on Orcas for a kayak around Obstruction Island. – Lieber Haven Marina Resort
A paddle pause on our way around Obstruction Island.
Early evening campfire with bright sun and still air at Camp Moran.
A pair of vanagons settle in for the evening at Camp Moran.
Orcas Island Ferry
Homeward bound until the next San Juans journey…

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