San Juan Island Hops

With flight comes freedom. And with freedom comes exploration and adventure. Such was the case on a recent sunny weekend as unexpected warm spring temps begged for a flight from Gig Harbor up to the San Juan Islands.

Mid-morning arrival on the tarmac and the fiberglass bird was set and ready to take to the calm skies.
I feel lucky. One should when one has an older brother who gets his pilot’s license at age 17. Flying becomes part of your DNA. Maverick in action…

 As a photographer, I’m constantly fascinated with shadows. Their knack for rapid growth, quick alteration and ultimate disappearance. The PNW sun that day made us feel larger than life with each landing.

 San Juan Island happened to be the first destination for a day chalk full of mopeds, good food and beachcombing. If you’ve never been, Lime Kiln State Park offers a somewhat …decent spot to take in a view of the Sound.

 Or maybe a perch by a lighthouse to watch a pod of Orcas glide by is more your scene?

 Either way, warm breeze, warm grass, warm soul.

 Always tough to tuck out of Friday Harbor but a few touch-n-gos later across Lopez and Fidalgo Island along with a nostalgic pass over Deception Pass (home growing up!) made for quite the day.

 Still as stunning as ever…

 Hard to imagine living anywhere else when you get a clear PNW sunset to close out the day.

 Until next time big bro and mighty bird. Until next time…

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