Doe Bay, Doe Bay!

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a planner. Especially when it comes to summer in the PNW. Any smart NW travel adventure junkie knows that every hour of the pristine summer days around these parts are to be cherished. Every. Hour.

This summer, I decided to try a new route. Minimal plans, more spontaneity. Let the weekends ride and see where I end up. Adventurous, huh?

Last weekend? Doe Bay Fest, that’s where I ended up.

What I want to write is that Doe Bay Festival is a flop. That it’s a pain in the ass to wait in the ferry lines. That it’s a disaster of a festival with bad music, overcrowded camping, no showers and horrible food. That the combination of sweaty hippy white person dreadlocks and an associated umbrella of BO over the island was enough to make even the grungiest Seattleite consider a shower. That you’d never in a million, million years want to step foot on wretched Orcas Island surrounded by evergreens, whales and open roads. That it RAINED. The WHOLE TIME.

I selfishly want to write this.

I secretly want to keep you away from the reality that unfolds at a place like Doe Bay.

But, I can’t. So, here’s reality…

Ferries with views that will never get old…
with sailboats drifting by…
and lakeside docks that make you feel like a kid again…
and scenes of sun-splintered Evergreens meant for cinematic trailers.
Island views for miles…
and white lights over campsites…
this is Doe Bay.
Where the eats are on par with your best meal ever…not to mention the view…
where days are spent lounging…
and floating…
and sitting…
and staring into warm sun for hours on end.
This is Doe Bay Fest…
where the Bible guides your days…
where ears big and small hang on every chord…
where bands breakthrough on the smallest of stages…
and crowds mix breakfast with morning jams.
Where artists (Joe Pug) sneak away for secret photo shoots…
in the midst of stunningly beautiful settings…
Where the cheeriest man alive introduces each band…
and nightfall signifies an upcoming secret show.
Where moonlit skies make you pinch yourself ten times over…
and wee hour dance parties make you remember to live for the night.

I didn’t want to write it, but I did. The secret is out.

Grab your friends. Grab your lovers. Grab your tickets. Go big or go home.

Doe Bay, Doe Bay!

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