Why You Need to Explore the Cascade Loop

The Cascade Loop is a magical place. Where else can you find such a vast array of mountains, rivers, forests, desert and all around goodness? Magical is an understatement.

My experiences on the Loop stretch back to my childhood when my family and I would wake at the crack of dawn to beeline from Whidbey Island over to Hwy 20 to tackle a new adventurous hike. My brothers and I would count down to our routine stop for some candy at the quaint little town of Newhalem as the car plunged ahead into an array of beautiful snow-capped peaks. An exhausting yet breathtakingly beautiful day hike later, we’d all stumble in for a perfect burger/fries/shake combination at Good Food before heading home.

Each time I hop on the Loop, I’m overcome with nostalgia and wonderful family memories. The drive never gets old and this year’s unseasonably warm temps made the Loop the perfect destination for a July 4th weekend getaway. The focus of the trip was to spend some time biking and otherwise taking in adventurous fun around mighty Winthrop, WA. From hiking Rainy Pass, to biking down to Twisp, to tasting cider in an orchard, the weekend could not have been more fantastic. The perfect addition to an already rich batch of wonderful Loop memories.














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