Beach Walks With Mom

When I was young, my Mom and I would take walks. My fondest memories entail heading out to Rocky Point beach (Whidbey Island) early on crisp fall Saturday mornings during high school. My two older brothers were off at college so it was a time for Mom and I to spend some quality time together and catch up from our busy weeks.

We’d often stroll the beach together in silence, I reflecting on my latest crush at school, she scanning the beach with eagle eyes to find just the right agate. Waves crashing, wind blowing, we’d stand together on shaky logs staring upon the ocean blue. I knew she was happy as a clam at these moments – a subtle escape from the stress and pressure of teaching six year olds life’s fundamental skills.

Day walks with Mom often parlayed into great home cooked meals at night. My memories remain fond of hanging out on the deck as Mom sizzled a steak to perfection while chatting about the beauty of the evening or recounting her sighting of a new robin in the backyard. It was always the details and appreciation of the details that fascinated me about her absorption of the world around us.

High school came and went, college seemingly the same but underneath it all was the most stable foundation possible from a Mom who remains endlessly supportive of me at every turn in life. I’ve always been a very lucky kid thanks to the support of this amazing woman.

These days, my parents live off in North Carolina – not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away. Visits the past few years have become less regular. As such, I’ve dug deep to seek out daily reminders of Mom’s importance in my life. While a quick visit to the beach doesn’t always fit the hectic work week schedule, signs of ongoing support seem to pop up quite frequently. A breathtaking sunset here, a chirping bird there…it’s the simple appreciation of details in life that can help us to feel slightly less than 2,700 miles apart.

Love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you.


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