A Snowshoeing Adventure at Hex Mountain

Finally a break in the clouds and rain! A quick peek out the window to assess the weather and the bags were packed, car scraped and off we go!

House Sunrise

Plant Frost

Critical morning fuel from Seattle’s finest to energize for the day…

Uptown Coffee

Gear checked, polished and ready for the trails…


Took a bit to reach the actual trailhead but alas, the Hex trek begins…

Hex Mountain Trail

Big smiles at the summit with legs burning but amazing views all around…

Hex Mountain Summit

Hex Mountain


Celebration arms up from the crew…


A critical follow up stop in the booming metropolis of Roslyn, WA…

Roslyn, WA

And a very necessary stop for grub and drinks at WA’s oldest watering hole…yes, they even have a spitoon…

The Brick

See you again soon Roslyn…

Snow Hat

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