A Hushed Ferry Ride

The ferry is an interesting place. Hop aboard for the evening commute or on a sunny summer weekend afternoon and the boat is slammed. But on a few occasions I’ve found myself trekking back to Seattle late at night with my thirst quenched and belly full following an amazing dinner at Hitchcock over on Bainbridge Island.

On my last go, I was haphazardly snapping some shots when I noticed this individual tucked away in the corner. Having spent the evening with great friends enjoying food and drink, I found myself overly curious about the lonesome rider. Was he headed home after finishing up a work shift? Was he just headed out to start his night in Seattle? Where were his friends? Does he have kids? What neighborhood is he raising them in? The questions roaming my head went on and on for no apparent reason.

I find that I do this often. I’m a curious cat and at the same time, I like creating stories in my head about the lives others are living. Chances are pretty great that I’ll never encounter this individual again but I like that we shared a hushed trip back across the sound as we headed back home or possibly on a far away adventure.

Washington Ferry at Night

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